Thursday, December 2, 2010

in the bleak midwinter ...

So we finally got our first real snow ... ok well technically our second but it's the first one where i didn't have to work. & it snowed for over 12 hours. So yesterday morning i got all excited about a possible snow day ... well my dream failed but i still managed to head up onto the hills before work with the camera to get some photos. 

& oh was it cold out there (i've forgotten how it feels to be above freezing) ... last year i discovered a wonderful use for my ski pants, bought with the intention of skiing but well it hasn't happened yet. They're perfect for taking snow pictures ... keep me warm not to mention that i can get down in the snow no worries. The only downside is you know the lil dude kind of prevents them being done up but being as they come with "suspenders" it's all good!

Out on my "wander" i met a german guy out walking his dogs & we chatted for a little while. It turns out he goes up there every morning to get closer to nature. I can't lie when people say things like that i automatically roll my eyes but as we talked he mentioned the bench ... my bench ... & how he finds it so peaceful up there. Yes he interprets it differently to me but it was wonderful to meet someone else who finds this place i love just as peaceful as i do, & enjoys being out there with you know nature & stuff. 

So here's my first snow blog for the year ... i imagine there will be a whole lot more to come ... & also i'd like to introduce you to my new favourite tree. Now i know i'm not alone in having a favourite tree but by the end of the winter you might be a little bored of it as i try & come up with all kinds of ways of photographing it because there is something totally bleak, lonely, isolated about this tree. I think it was love at first sight!