Tuesday, December 28, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Chico, California

So after a short break for the Christmas holidays (it's been crazy busy on my side of the world) i'm back & super excited about this weeks "around the world with fpoe" ... not that i'm not excited every week but for the very simple reason we're heading to California. Now before i go any further this has nothing to do with photography or the images i will be show casing just that i love California. See we have only managed one stop off here, visiting LA & checking out the stunning photography of Myan. So without any further ado i present to you the world of the Dizzy Pixie (love that name i feel as if it sums up me & my little "pretty shiny over there world) & Briana Morrison. 

Briana works with a variety of cameras to produce her wonderfully dreamy, soft, vintage images. They have that quality that i can't quite put into words (or that could be pregnancy brain & my current issue with words) but i could happily hang each & every last one of her pretties on the walls of my house. It helps that she chooses the same subjects that speak to me also ... the random & the small as well as the more obvious. She sees the details, explores colour & texture & leaves us feeling as if we've glimpsed some private moment that would have otherwise passed us by. I love that feeling ... seeing something that the world wouldn't otherwise reveal & leaving us with the impression we've been let in on a secret of some kind. When i look at Briana's photography i am left feeling as though the actual colour itself isn't so important as the way the light falls on the subject & the emotions it brings out in us the viewer. 

& now for some of my favourite things ... (ok so stating the obvious on this first one) ... 

... Paris ( i can't put into words how much i love this city & i hate cities) ... 

... & kitties (anyone who's read my blog knows how much of a sucker i am for a kittie picture).

& as with every week all the images you see here are for sale on etsy, & you can view more work by the Dizzy Pixie on Flickr & her gorgeous blog. Have a wonderful fabulous new year everyone & we will see you in 2011! 


  1. Wonderful!Soft and romantic! I love that she has Kitten photos in her shop!