Thursday, December 16, 2010

feeling the blues ...

So there is all kinds of stuff going on over here ... i've been crazy busy (or at least i feel like it). With work, the growing baby (not that am complaining about that one), the need to clean, de-clutter & organize my house, photo shoots & the horrible nasty weather we've been having i've found myself in a bit of a photographic funk when it comes to my fine art. I'm not sure unmotivated is quite the right work but a combination of things has left me feeling a little uninspired. So i'm throwing it out there for you guys ... what do you do when this happens?

ps. The photos are from our day trip to Strasbourg, France on my birthday. We had a wonderful time with some great friends. 


  1. Having 2 young children, a full time job and a wife with ME I can fully understand your situation.

    Whenever my inspiration deserts me I increase the amount of reading I do (books, blogs, Flickr Interesting page etc) and I make sure that I carry a camera everywhere I go. One other trick I've discovered is to give my 8 year old a camera and go shooting with him. Seeing things with his perspective gives me a fresh view on the world and sometimes throws up shots that I normally would have missed.


  2. When I feel uninspired, I look for bright colors and patterns on photo blogs, Etsy treasuries, magazines. I hope you get inspired today. Congrats on the growing baby!!!! I have a 22 month old boy and a 4 month old girl:)

  3. first off, yay for growing baby:)!!!! that is the BEST NEWS.
    inspiration for me comes in well photographed blogs, a looooong walk through Flickr and lots and lots of music. sometimes i just need to put the camera down for a bit.
    hope you get a flood of inspiration soon friend. i think this time of year can suck a lot of the life right out of us. fear not, it will come back with a strong force:)

  4. Hope you get out of that funk. So far you've been doing fine, at least with your photography... It's just the winter blues and it'll pass, I promise!

  5. Sorry you are lacking in the inspiration department right now :(
    I find that sometimes if you just take a little break and clear your mind, it will come back to you. forcing it doesn't always work. talent like that is bound to need a vacation once in a while ;) haha