Thursday, August 5, 2010

provence ...

So i have to say i'm sorry to you guys for the lack of posts ... for a while there i was on a roll but thing's have been happening at my end (you know as life does) & so i haven't posted as often. So now for some more photos from my trip to Provence, it's hard to believe i've been back for 3 weeks already. Work is as exciting as ever & the weather sucks but anyways it's nice to curl up on the couch. 

Ok back to the photos ... these were all taken on our first full day down in Provence. It was a day where we got to do a whole lot of driving, partly because somehow i forgot my camera. Yes i had everything else including my lenses but no actual camera. So we had to return to our hotel to get it, thankfully we weren't that far down the road. & the first few photos are from our wanderings down the back roads of Provence, being the driver it was easy to make my fellow travelers stop, lucky for me they didn't mind. 

Being as it was Sunday we weren't sure what would be open (if you've ever lived in Germany you'll know the whole country seems to shut down on a Sunday) but i'd read about this town up on top of the hills & an abbey that was open on Sunday's. By the time we reached Gordes we'd been in the car a wee while but it for sure worth the effort. 

& this was our view at lunch ... 

The town itself was stunning, very quaint, very french, & possible a little touristy but gorgeous all the same. 

From Gordes we headed down into the valley to visit the Sénanque Abbey. It's hard to explain just how stunning the Abbey was. It's still inhabited by monks, & surrounded by the mountains & fields of lavender. 

You can't go inside the abbey unless you do the tour (which was in French) but i knew me & the camera needed to check out the insides so i paid my money & whilst the guide gave us a history of the abbey (i have a flier in English containing the short version) i wandered with the camera, exploring everything i could. 

The details everywhere was stunning not to mention being incredible peaceful. The monks who live there belong to a silent order ... so well you can imagine the effect if has on you. The calm & tranquility, nothing to "spoil" you just life at it's simplest. 

Anyways from there it was back to Aix-en-Provence for dinner ... but of course we stopped a couple of times along the way ... with views such as this who wouldn't?


  1. wow laura they are all so awesome. you really captured the beauty of Provence

  2. Has it really been nearly a month since you got back!
    I love the 2 images of Gordes it looks like a beautiful place.

  3. stunning photographs! seems like it was a really beautiful trip. one that i would like to do one day. thank you for sharing. :)

  4. gorgeous photos! i wish i could go to provence...

    anyway, it looks like you had a wonderful time :)