Monday, August 2, 2010

drum roll please ...

So a little over a week ago i ran a giveaway with Jen, the chance to win two 10x8" photographs currently unavailable in our shops. We had some amazing & totally from the heart, brutally honest answers (i could have easily given everyone a copy) but there could only be one winner.
Using the winning number was #7 & this was the comment left to us:

Photojnke said...

Your photo reminds me of how I felt so left behind when my husband died, I felt so many things guilt, sadness, loss, missing the love and friendship I thought would always be there. That is where that photo takes me. As for Laura's, it reminds me of the little things left behind to appreciate after the loss, those things mean so much. It really gives you something significant and precious to hold onto.

They would both go next to my beautiful mirror in my bedroom, I will include pix if I win!!!

Oh and I want to win because I love your work, and you keep Introducing me to these other amazing artists, I love being surrounded in art, especially photo art!!! July 22, 2010 1:19 PM 

I hope she loves the prints as much as we do & i'm excited to see them on the walls. I think you know there will be further opportunities to win prints from both our shops. 


  1. Could not have been a better winner. I'm happy for her... :-)

  2. So bummed I missed the giveaway! Gorgeous work.