Sunday, August 1, 2010

because they're mine ... & because i can!

So i'm taking a break from photos from Provence (only a short one) to bring you some pictures of my kitties. There is no specific reason for this (although our theme for You See I See this week was pets so it gave me an excuse to photograph them, not that i honestly need one but anyways) just that there haven't been nearly enough pictures of them recently & well because they're mine & because i can! So quick introductions ... cujo is the tabby (she's the silly younger fur ball ooooh pretty shiny over there kittie) & damn-it (yes that's really her name & no the hubby does not get to name the kids) is the black kittie (she's shy, way more athletic & all kinds of chatty with me & the hubby). 


  1. Great shots - cats make wonderful subjects!

  2. great pictures of your pretty kitties :)