Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Boudoir Divas Workshop

So i've been putting off writing this blog ... not because i don't want to write it but because there is so much i want to write about & i'm not sure where to start but the beginning is usually a good place. I was lucky enough to take part in a workshop put together by the fabulous (& we are talking seriously fabulous here) Boudoir Divas. Now first i should probably explain who these wonderful ladies are ... well they are a group of girls based in San Diego who brought "back" boudoir photography & made it something new & pretty & shiny.
Marissa & Kimberlee the owners put on these workshops to help teach other photographers everything they know about the business (& we're talking literally everything) & wow did i learn a lot! I mean seriously i have learnt more than i ever thought i would. I knew the workshop would be a wonderful experience for me but i forgot how much i missed having people to talk with about the small, stupid & random stuff of photography. People who could answer questions & help show me the way.
We started out day one by talking through shooting boudoir photography, looking at the various poses, lighting & simple basic tricks that help bring out the most in the client. The Boudoir Divas strive to give their client's the ultimate super model experience, allowing them to feel glamourous & confident in themselves. Small things such as by slightly over exposing the subject it will help clean up their skin, examples of affordable lighting equipment that you or i could buy & the knowledge that you don't need a fancy studio to start out.
For the shooting we had 3 stunning models, all very different but equally gorgeous & as photographers it was our job to bring out the best in them. I'm trying to find the words to describe how hard the actual shooting was. From the perspective of an on looker everything appeared so easy but these are things that come from practice & time & more learning. We had two fast one on one shoots & one longer more continuous shoot. It took me a while to find me feet, so i found the one on one shoots incredible difficult, i couldn't get into them because i was so unsure of what i was doing. Not good but being as we only had half an hour & it was my first time i will let myself off. But in the continuous shooting i found myself getting more into it, understanding & seeing more as i went along & actually feeling comfortable directing. Ok i will admit it ... i'm pretty proud of the outcome!
Well i can honestly say, compared to day one day two was a breeze ... all business. But they provided us with so much information, everything from starting out & working out of a home based studio to creating a studio based business. From lightroom & editing, to money, pricing & marketing. & it was all things that could be applied to any photographic or even arts based business. & they were so open about it all, no holding back which is what made everything that bit more special. These are two successful business ladies willing to share everything they've learnt with us a small group of photographers from around the globe, from all warps of life & ranging in levels. I felt priveledged to be amongst them.
So what can i say i've walked away with ...
a much greater knowledge of all things photographic ...
a larger understanding on how i need to go about setting up my own business ...
equipment suggestions within my price range ...
the idea that it can be something small, & unique to me ...
there is no set way to go about all this but an idea to start from & a direction to head.
The workshop gave me so much, was worth every little penny & has left me more secure in the knowledge that photography is my future & that i can succeed. It won't be easy or especially pretty at times but it's what i want & what i love. Oh & i met some wonderful people a long the way who made the whole experience just a little more special! & there is so much more i want to write but really i don't know how to go about it but i imagine there may be another couple of posts out there about my experience.


  1. Wonderful post! I can agree completely and it was great to meet you. Hopefully we'll meet again soon.

  2. I am so beyond excited for you! These images are stunning, and that workshop seems like loads of fun! YOu were a very lucky girl you were able to go!!

  3. Love these!
    One of my babycenter/blogging friends has a booming boudoir photography business, Cathy Empey. Her shots are unreal and she is taking pics of me in October! Can not wait!!

  4. These are just breathtaking!

  5. wow, thank you for the amazing kind words! We are so glad you joined us and learned so much. :)

    ~The Boudoir Divas

  6. These are freaking gorgeous! I can't imagine how exciting that must have been for you. I hope you succeed in everything you want to do here.

  7. Wow! First of all, I'm super jealous :-) It sounds like you had an absolutely great time! Second, these pictures are gorgeous!! You did an amazing job! Thanks for sharing!

  8. i'm so excited for you, it sounds like you learned a lot and had some great fun! these pictures are so gorgeous, the lighting in them is so beautiful and bright, but also soft. the style is still very you :) i hope you get to do more boudoir work in the future, i'm sure you'd be great at it.
    also, i'm a bit jealous...

  9. Looks like it was a great workshop! The photos turned out beautiful!

  10. So jealous! These images are stunning! Great work!!