Sunday, May 9, 2010

Violet Bella

A few weeks back, as part of the Miss Match project i was par of this triptych with Helene Smith & Violet Bella. Both amazing photographers but from here i somehow stumbled across Violet Bella's blog & did i discover there is so much more to her.
Center: Helen Smith

I am constantly in awe of people who are talented at a range of things ... me i can take pretty pictures but that's about it (although i want to learn many many other arts), but etsy is full of artists who can work across all kinds of mediums producing textiles, jewelry, paintings & much much more. Here is one such person & through her blog you learn so much more about her. Oh & i should probably mention she has amazing style too (go figure right).
To me it seems that everything she has to offer in both her shops is incredible unique & i imagine totally her. She loves to reuse items, & everything has this wonderful whimsical quality to it, not to mention one of a kind. The ideas, the time & the imagination that much go into all that she produces (not to mention the skill) are something else. It's a wonderful ability to take someone else's "trash" & turn it into something new & pretty & shiny, & Violet Bella definately has it.
So moving on from her clothing & jewelry to her photography & wow is it breath taking! The detail that goes into pictures is wonderful, from the tiny things you see out of the corner of your eye to the focal points that catch your attention immediately. I always admire those who can take photography to the next level, produce images particular self portraits that draw you as the viewer in.
Oh & this is my favourite ... so unique, simple & styalish. I am always looking for new ways to show off my photography, & there are so many options available especially as far as jewelry is concerned but this is totally different, full of gorgeous colours & then there is off course the stunning photographs on display. Oh & naturally she will custom make then using your favourite photographs from her shop.


  1. She has some beautiful work indeed. :-)

  2. the picture with the school bus is my absolute favorite! if and when i am done with my dreamy-phase i would love to work on things that are slightly grittier and edgier

    thanks so much for sharing her work!

  3. omg! i missed this post! thank you soooo much! you are so sweet! the things you said about my work mean soo much to me! it was an honor working with you also! so far, still my favorite pairing! i love your work! thank you so much for asking me on facebook if i saw this! i havent had time to browse blogs much lately and i would have hated to miss this! you are such a doll! i am going to save this for my Violet Bella scrapbook!!!