Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paper N Stitch ...

Paper n stitch ... a blog i was introduced to & wow did i fall in love. It helps that Brittni Wood the founder is such a wonderful fabulous lady. But her blog is amazing. Completely down to earth & full (some might chocka block full) of gorgeousness from fashion to photography to home decor ... she really does have a wonderful eye. I love that she keeps everything she does simple, there's no distracting from the items in front of us & as a big lover of pictures (though admittedly i love to read) when it comes to blogs the pictures are what draws me in. I love blogs, love hearing about other peoples lives & loves & wants & dreams but sometimes i don't want to wade through lots of words before i realize it's not i care about ... here we have big shiny colourful pictures to keep my simple brain happy.
& throw in the wonderful community Brittni has created for sellers of handmade items, when she asked me to join it wasn't a surprise that i jumped at the chance. This sight is small, but everything in here is gorgeous & so much variety. I admire the dedication people can put into their projects & this is one. Writing blogs & running websites are something i have major issues with on a daily basis (i really need to start writing my blogs in advance) but here is someone who does both with ease (well seemingly) & even manages to write some guests over on other sites. Oh & did i mention she has two etsy shops as well? talk about multi talented.
Well within the paper n stitch community there are a group of us playing a game of "tag". An idea put together but Tania Welch of Indo Bay Textiles, a group of us are tagging each other on a daily basis, writing blogs & show casing the work of individual sellers on paper n stitch. & so far i have discovered so many new pretty & shiny stores that i love. & tomorrow it is my turn to tag so all i can say is (& yes it's a cliche) watch this space ...!

ps. yes i changed my font ... i got bored, it happens ... maybe it's getting close to time for me to revamp the whole page!


  1. I agree, Paper n Stitch is a rad blog :)
    Happy to hear you're keeping busy and creative :) And yes, if you ask me, a revamp to your whole page can be so fun and refreshing, so I say Do it!

  2. i've definitely heard of this blog, but i never bothered to check it out. i think i'll have to now...