Tuesday, April 13, 2010

you see i see

So 4 weeks into the "you see i see" diptych project that i am taking part in with the wonderful Tali Schiffer & i figured it was time to share with you what we have (incase you haven't seen the blog). The rules are that we have a list created by a whole host of wonderful people & each week we have a new theme to interpret & photograph, & the photo of course has to be shot within those 7 days (no cheating). The only thing we agreed on photographic wise is that the images have to be square.




It's been a wonderful challenge so far & of course we have another 48 weeks to go. So be sure to check out the blog every tuesday for our latest update.


  1. wow. i'm a huge fan of this project! beautiful work from both of you :)

  2. Great post hon! I must say, this is one of the better things I have done lately! Thanks for being my partner in crime here!

  3. I there, i didnt feel right posting this in your lastest blog... (Im so sorry!)
    Hopefully this will make you smile...
    Please follow the link :)