Monday, April 12, 2010

it's the simple thing's in life that make me happy ...

my first wholesale order (super exciting) ...
only 16 days until paris ...
blindside is an amazing movie ...
i've decided to bring back the art of letter writing ...
planning a vacation for July with one of my best friends before she heads back to the states!


  1. Great post. Your like is exciting right now and that is great! Continue to enjoy life!!!:)

  2. Nice shot!! Glad you are having fun! Where are you going?

  3. niki ... we're planning on the south of france. It'll be so nice (& sad because she pcs's right after).

  4. aah... paris!

    i really love those notecards and envelopes! way to tempt me to get just one more thing i don't need :)

  5. A wholesale order??? Now that's more than just a "simple thing" that's HUGE! Congrats darling!! xo