Saturday, February 13, 2010

sewing & blogging & magazines & a whole lot of random!

So today has been well interesting & when i say "interesting" i really don't mean it in the fun exciting sense but in the sense that a lot happened, half of which i'd rather it didn't. So glossing over this part (although for more information check out the blog "we are go fish go" which is about my part in marathon training) i will more on to the random reasons for this blog ...

1. My wonderful husband has bought me a sewing machine for valentines day. Now here i should probably point out what i know about sewing you could fit on the back a shirt button ... actually said wonderful husband most likely knows more about sewing than me. But i want to learn, i want to be able to make pretty things for my house & one day a couch cover (for the not so nice couch said wonderful husband bought). So here i throw out my first challengy (if it's not a word it is now) thing. I need to find some books that will teach idiots like me to sew & also a list of items i should probably buy since the bx here on base has a whole lot of nothing! Ask anyne who's been to a bx & you'll understand the kind of shopping experience you get on a regular basis.

So now moving onto my next random part to this blog ...

2. There are many many blogs out there i have discovered in the past few months that i adore (not just love but adore). Blogs such as Gathering Spriggs, Bliss, Decor8, Bright, Bold & Beautiful & Handmade Evolution (the list could go on) that provide me with wonderful ideas for my home. Stunning images of places i wish i could live, shops selling everything vintage, handmade & gorgeous, & other such. They give me inspiration on a daily basis & i love to check out what it is they have to say every day, it's become part of my email checking routein (for all those out there who don't have google reader trust me when i say you're missing out). So now my second query for the day ... is there a magazine out there providing the same ideas & inspiration. Will show me wonderful items to buy, projects i myself can do & home decor ideas that make me go WOW? Oh & bare in mind (returning again to the bx issue) our bookmark here again lacks in well anything you really want. A couple of months back i found a wonderful magazine called Boho ... it has never been seen again! *big sigh*

So there's my blog for the day ... hubby is about to head to work & i plan on spending my evening relaxing, wondering through the internet & etsy & checking out all the wonderful ideas i know you fantastic people out there will have for me!


  1. Stop looking at the BX and stop by your craft shop! They have loads of wonderful things to choose from and might even have helpful staff to let you know what to get. Singer has amazing books, and I would totally recommend them. I have a large one that is wonderful. Take a look on for some other cool sewing books for fun projects. I like the ones that take old t-shirts and make new clothes with them. I started that in high school, but sans instructions.

  2. I just bought a slew of magazines for diy decor ideas for when I get into the new house. You might be able to order a subscription if you can't find them there.

    and all the others are Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications.

  3. thanks so much for the mention :) for me i am so plugged into the online world that i don't get to magazines very often. i don't know what book stores are like in germany - but here they have huuuge magazine racks, with every magazine you could ever want. let me know if they don't have that there and next time i'm at one of our big book stores i'll note down some faves for you!! hope you are having a great weekend :)