Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Etsy Wish List ... part three (i'm a material girl ...)

sandmaiden rayon and organic cotton jersey camisole - made to measure - Sandmaiden Sleepwear

Eco-friendly Organic Tote Bag with Flying Swallows (Natural) - Uzura

Block Printed Napkins in Warm Red- Set of Two - Nina Glaser

Animal Group Names tee - Grass Green Ladies - Xeno Tees

Sneezy Sheets, Set of 3 Silk-screened Handkerchiefs - The Honey Press


  1. Wow, I'm honored to be in this group! You have excellent taste!

  2. why thank you ... i do believe that i do! hehehe. & you're welcome ... i so want that tee when you get it back in a m.