Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ode to "Le Cheval"

I'm not sure where to begin (although i know i've mention this before) as it's simple a matter of loving the work of Juliet Harrison, a lady who i feel priveledged to have met. Not simple because of her talent but because she is honest, & open, & wonderful to talk to about especially when it comes to photography. Sometimes i wonder how people coped without the world wide web, as meeting the likes her is something i would never have gotten to do. Yes i know it's twitter but having this little world where i get to talk photography & hand made & business all day long is something incredible special.
Anyways as usual i'm wondering off subject ... Juliet is primarily an "equine" photographer (that's horse for all you not latin speakers out there). & wow does she do a good job! I mean seriously i've always known horses are beautiful but she has this ability to capture everything about them with the click of a button. & with such focus as well. I honestly don't think i could concentrate my work on something so fully & with the skill that she does (ok i admit it i might be a little bit of a fan).
Before i go on i should just mention that she now also has an etsy shop where as well as her fine art photographs you can also buy a book of her work (it's on my wish list) ...
So back to my story ... once i discovered the world of photography i had this idea of producing similar style images to those that Juliet does (this is way back when) but for various reasons i never got the oportunity, but now whenever i see a horse i feel the need to take it's portrait. & today whilst driving home i came across this gorgeous little chap who turned out to be incredible friendly & in the midst of a very long story I got a few photos of his gorgeous self. Not quite Juliet but my ode to her!


  1. These are awsome!!!! I love them all!

  2. laura! her work is amazing, thanks so much for introducing her work to us! and your "ode" to her is wonderful! i think you did a beyond-excellent job!

  3. Laura - Thank you. I am proud to call you friend and to know that I have inspired you. Keep shooting...keep printing....keep marketing....and when you can....keep riding!