Friday, September 30, 2011

it's giveaway time ...

So as some of you may know (& i still get a little giddy thinking about it) but i have collaborated with the fabulous Kat of Polarity (& Olive Bites fame) to turn 3 of my favourite prints into a locket:

& these aren't just any old lockets but (& in Kat's very own words): 

"This amazing magnetic locket set is created from a recycled steel auto part that I have fabricated with love and propane into a magical, interchangeable locket set!"

Anyways of course i have one, & i love it. Ok maybe love isn't strong enough a word about how i feel when it comes to this because it's so unique & different & special. 

So of course i have decided to give one away ... & now the hard part (although i think it's pretty easy) ...

For one entree each ...

one ~ head over to "ooh pretty shiny ...", take a look around & come back here, leave me a comment about your favourite print, or a memory you associate with one of my pictures or well just something interesting.

two ~ tweet about my giveaway (@levansphoto) & leave me a comment back here.

three ~ head over to my facebook page, like it (we're all about sharing the love here) & leave me a comment (over there &/or back here).

four ~ tell the world about my giveaway ... on facebook, your blog or where ever. & of course come back here & leave me a comment.

& for an extra 5 entrees ...

five ~ purchase something from my shop & in the message to the seller let me know you've entered the giveaway. 

So many many ways to win. The giveaway ends on friday October 7th  & i will be announcing the winner chosen from random on the 8th! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Riga, Latvia

I'm loving all the new places we're getting to visit right now ... since i began this series last year fpoe has grown in numbers dramatically with members spanning the globe & you're seeing it as once again we're outside of the united states. Europe has many many talented photographers, & recently we visited England, last week Germany & now we're off to Riga, Latvia. Are you excited? I'm excited!! So anyways let me introduce you to Rita Pētersone - Lazdiņa & monography.
Everything about Rita's work screams feminine to me ... soft, pretty, calm ... & we're not just talking pink here. I'm including her urban landscapes & those with tones typically considered masculine. It's easy to see why Rita fits right in with the group, producing wonderful fine art that i feel says so much about her. Here again we have a photographer who haves a great simplicity to her work ... full of details without being over the stop, we are left to imagine what happens next. I love this in photography, i love the beginning of a story, the question mark left hanging in the air of what happens next. I love that you can dream when you look at her photographs of people & places & memories. I know i know i say this a lot, it could just be the kind of person i am (my blog is called "ooh pretty shiny over there ... ") but any image that inspires me as a person is a great picture. It's what makes my world go round. 
Love me some roof tops ...
... 2 wheels are way cuter than 4 ... 
... who knew colouring pencils could be so pretty!
As usual all photos here can be purchased on etsy ... & you can always head over to Rita's blog to check out more of her work & insights. 

it's the simple thing's in life that make me happy ...

relaxing in the states ...
... my photos as jewelry ...
... & i had to have these ... 
... excited to explore this book ...
... seeing the hubby in 4 days!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

the nelou & laura show + week 9 = "intricate"

Since the Nelou half of the show has visitors & i am heading down to Kansas city tomorrow & flying back to Cali at stupid o'clock monday morning we are posting a day early (yes i know you're in shock). So here's our interpretation if this weeks theme ... "intricate" ... enjoy!
me . nelou

& next weeks theme ... "balance"!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the nelou & laura show + week 8 = "afternoon hours"

Due to me being on another continent & a poorly gracie we have been a little later than usual (even for us) in posting ... but here's this weeks "afternoon hours"!
nelou . me

& we're still working on next weeks topic ... time differences make it hard to have conversations. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

crossing the pond ... & playing catch up

So once again i have been sucking at this whole blogging thing ... it's been crazy busy here & time has gotten away from me. But tomorrow me & the munchkin are heading across the pond for the next 6 weeks to spend time with family & friends & the hubby who will be joining us in a couple of weeks. To say i'm a little excited it putting it mildly. I will be bouncing my way around california & taking a trip to MO. So with less distractions i'm hoping to get some posts written, the shops up to date (as well as some changes) & of course there will be some sales & a super exciting giveaway. 

So firstly ... whilst i am gone both shops (ooh pretty shiny & love.laugh.believe) will remain open. I will have nothing in stock, & working out of my wonderful mother-in-laws. This means that all items (custom or otherwise) will ship within 7-10 days from California. 

& to start the vacation i have a 20% sale going on in both stores as i cross the pond. Just enter the code "JETPLANE" at check out. The sale runs from about an hour ago to thursday when i make it onto a computer. This doesn't apply to either custom listings or shipping fees. 

& lastly i recently teamed up with the wonderful Cat of Polarity to create some gorgeous lockets available for purchase. I am so so excited by these!

Also stay tuned for an exciting giveaway ... i can't wait to share this. 

I also have a shop over on Society 6 where you can by some of my prints in the form of canvas's, laptop skins & iphone skins. If you have a request for a specific image please let me know. I hope to be adding more items over the coming weeks. 

& don't forget to check out the nelou & laura show ... my current 52 week project that's on week 6!

& lastly be sure to check out some of my new listings from my recent trip to the south of france!

Monday, September 12, 2011

the nelou & laura show + week 7 = "there's no place like home"

click your heels together 3 times ...

me . nelou

next weeks theme ... "the afternoon hours ..."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the nelou & laura show + week 6 = "same view ... different eye"

This weeks theme was "same view ... different eye" & we chose a slightly different format to "maximise" or wee visit to sunny france! A photo for every day of the week from the 5 main places we visited. & these are those places:

monday :: meze
tuesday :: la couvertoirade
wednesday :: clermont l'herault
thursday :: saint-guilhem-le-désert
friday :: saint-sean-de-fos

Hope you enjoy our "views" & "different eyes" from vive le france & our interpretation of this weeks theme. & don't worry i will be getting more posts up on the blog in the next few weeks & of course there will be many many new pictures coming from France!


& next weeks theme "there's no place like home ..." ... & we would love to see your "interpretation" (or maybe we're just a little nosy"! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

the nelou & laura show + week 5 = "up close & personal"

Yes yes i know ... a week late ... but well i've been a little busy! A week in france baby (whoop whoop). Anyways here it is ... better late than never!
nelou . me

& next week (that is this week) ... something a little different ... "same view different eye"!