Friday, September 30, 2011

it's giveaway time ...

So as some of you may know (& i still get a little giddy thinking about it) but i have collaborated with the fabulous Kat of Polarity (& Olive Bites fame) to turn 3 of my favourite prints into a locket:

& these aren't just any old lockets but (& in Kat's very own words): 

"This amazing magnetic locket set is created from a recycled steel auto part that I have fabricated with love and propane into a magical, interchangeable locket set!"

Anyways of course i have one, & i love it. Ok maybe love isn't strong enough a word about how i feel when it comes to this because it's so unique & different & special. 

So of course i have decided to give one away ... & now the hard part (although i think it's pretty easy) ...

For one entree each ...

one ~ head over to "ooh pretty shiny ...", take a look around & come back here, leave me a comment about your favourite print, or a memory you associate with one of my pictures or well just something interesting.

two ~ tweet about my giveaway (@levansphoto) & leave me a comment back here.

three ~ head over to my facebook page, like it (we're all about sharing the love here) & leave me a comment (over there &/or back here).

four ~ tell the world about my giveaway ... on facebook, your blog or where ever. & of course come back here & leave me a comment.

& for an extra 5 entrees ...

five ~ purchase something from my shop & in the message to the seller let me know you've entered the giveaway. 

So many many ways to win. The giveaway ends on friday October 7th  & i will be announcing the winner chosen from random on the 8th! 


  1. This is my all time favorite photo:

    My grandmother's family is originally from Strasbourg and I visited the city several times when I lived in Germany. I loved Petit France and went to that section every time I visited.

  2. This is my favorite!

    I already am a fan!
    I've tweeted and posted on my Facebook!

    LOVE your stuff. You are soooo talented!

    Deb aka LilacAve

  3. This ferris wheel photo ( my favourite. It reminds me of my first time at the carnival where my parents took a ride with me on the ferris wheel.

    Also liked your facebook page, and shared it on fb too :)

  4. I love this one:

    because it reminds me of a still from the movie "Ever After" which is one of my absolute favorites. It brings to mind my desire to live back then... to wear those pretty dresses and have long hair and work the land and wander the fields and spend your days dreaming and reading...

  5. so hard to pick a favorite! so i'll just pick one of my many favorites of yours, the poison apple. :-)

  6. Hey Laura! Love all your photos, so great! I think my favorite is the "ici" writing on the wall. It reminds me of the summer I spent in Paris in college... "ici" was one of the few French words I knew! :)

    Also "liked" you on Facebook. Keep up the LOVELY work! :)

  7. i'm following you on fb and twitter now :)
    i like the ferris wheel a lot but my favorite is in your fb photos..the skyrocket pop sign becausr those popsicles remind me of summer, my favorite time of year!

  8. My fave item, so hard to choooooseeee but i will go to:

    because i love how windows tell little stories

  9. The rocks photograph makes me think of lake macdonald in glacier national park -- one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  10. My favorite print is the cornfield photograph - whimsical fine art photography, grass, grain, summer, gold, green, breeze . . . reminds me of my wedding

  11. Tweeted!!/catisakitty

  12. the ferris wheel photo is my favorite! reminds me of the town carnival!

  13. I love your Paris Notre Dame photo. Reminds me of a wintry weekend I spent there in 2009.

  14. I love the giveaway. such beautiful photos. I love the red balloon photo and carnival ferris wheel picture! both are so whimsical and beautiful

  15. Great photos. I have two favorites: one is umbrella because of great texture and color combination and second is Le tour Eiffel because I´d like to visit Paris.

  16. cherry fruit photo

    brings back memories of biking the countryside picking cherries as a teen