Tuesday, September 13, 2011

crossing the pond ... & playing catch up

So once again i have been sucking at this whole blogging thing ... it's been crazy busy here & time has gotten away from me. But tomorrow me & the munchkin are heading across the pond for the next 6 weeks to spend time with family & friends & the hubby who will be joining us in a couple of weeks. To say i'm a little excited it putting it mildly. I will be bouncing my way around california & taking a trip to MO. So with less distractions i'm hoping to get some posts written, the shops up to date (as well as some changes) & of course there will be some sales & a super exciting giveaway. 

So firstly ... whilst i am gone both shops (ooh pretty shiny & love.laugh.believe) will remain open. I will have nothing in stock, & working out of my wonderful mother-in-laws. This means that all items (custom or otherwise) will ship within 7-10 days from California. 

& to start the vacation i have a 20% sale going on in both stores as i cross the pond. Just enter the code "JETPLANE" at check out. The sale runs from about an hour ago to thursday when i make it onto a computer. This doesn't apply to either custom listings or shipping fees. 

& lastly i recently teamed up with the wonderful Cat of Polarity to create some gorgeous lockets available for purchase. I am so so excited by these!

Also stay tuned for an exciting giveaway ... i can't wait to share this. 

I also have a shop over on Society 6 where you can by some of my prints in the form of canvas's, laptop skins & iphone skins. If you have a request for a specific image please let me know. I hope to be adding more items over the coming weeks. 

& don't forget to check out the nelou & laura show ... my current 52 week project that's on week 6!

& lastly be sure to check out some of my new listings from my recent trip to the south of france!


  1. Have fun and I cannot wait to hear (and see) all about your trip :D

  2. exciting! what part of california will you be?