Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the nelou & laura show + week 6 = "same view ... different eye"

This weeks theme was "same view ... different eye" & we chose a slightly different format to "maximise" or wee visit to sunny france! A photo for every day of the week from the 5 main places we visited. & these are those places:

monday :: meze
tuesday :: la couvertoirade
wednesday :: clermont l'herault
thursday :: saint-guilhem-le-d├ęsert
friday :: saint-sean-de-fos

Hope you enjoy our "views" & "different eyes" from vive le france & our interpretation of this weeks theme. & don't worry i will be getting more posts up on the blog in the next few weeks & of course there will be many many new pictures coming from France!


& next weeks theme "there's no place like home ..." ... & we would love to see your "interpretation" (or maybe we're just a little nosy"! 

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  1. Gorgeous images. I especially love the pale candy colours.