Friday, March 25, 2011

allure ...

I don't blog about my portraits as much as i should but those of you who read this blog or know me away from it know i fell in love Boudoir photography about a year ago & finally got up the courage to set up a studio in my basement this year. I've come to discover that a lot of people whilst interested in doing a shoot are incredible nervous & don't understand much about it. 

When i think boudoir i think hollywood old school glamor, feminine, beautiful & stunning portraits of you! Boudoir is just that ... about you. Be confident & proud of your body, treat yourself & maybe share with the one you love. 

"I'm no model lady. A model's just an imitation of the real thing." ~ Mae West

There is a great freedom that comes with boudoir, & being able to show you as the beautiful woman that you are makes me just a little giddy. 

Boudoir photography is about capturing who you are as a woman, being gorgeous & feminine, classy & confident. It's also about having fun. It doesn't take a model figure, it's about showing the world (or just your husband) how proud you are of you.

So keeping this in mind i decided to hold a series of mini shoots called "allure" so people could get a taste of it. It was a wonderful success & the feedback has been incredible positive, not to mention i love that these women are honestly gobsmacked by how stunning they really are (i on the other hand already know this). 

So here are a few images of one of my wonderful clients (& friends) ... 

For more information about my boudoir photography click on the link ... here!!


  1. oh i loved your sweet words! it is so true everything you said especially the part about loving our bodies, it is so important...

  2. Stunning portraiture genre!

    I have been blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

    Also, an Etsian:

  3. these are gorgeous!! i'm so excited that it went well for you and that you got such positive feedback! how awesome that you can prove to women just how beautiful they are :)


  4. I love the idea of boudoir photos! I must admit, many of my church friends would gasp at the idea, but, HEY, I'm a soon-to-be married woman, and what man doesn't want beautiful photos of his wife to take on his next business trip? The photos you have post here are just so classy, very much the style I think I would like to get done.