Thursday, March 17, 2011

post lil dude treats for me ...

So when the lil dude is born i have decided i will allow myself some treats ... after how ever many months of being stuck wearing you know things that will cover a growing bump i want something pretty & cute & all the rest. It's funny how pregnancy has changed my clothing style ... forced me to push my own clothes wearing boundaries (much to the delight of my friends). & i like this, i like that i've started wearing some of the styles that i never thought i could that i can feel comfortable in more than just t-shirt & jeans. 

Anyways keeping all this in mind i wanted to share with you some of the stores i plan on making purchases from (all these stores i have bought from but they've always been gifts for someone else) ... stores i have mentioned many a time on my blog but that are drawing me in more & more at the moment. & i'm incredible lucky that some these purchases may just be custom items ... something to really celebrate the new beginnings that are going on in my life! 

La Marquise des Anges is a gorgeous little french boutique full of hand made gorgeousness. No really everything is so so pretty, with wonderful accents that turn ever the simplest of tanks into a unique eye catching item. Sabine (the fabulous owner) uses a variety of techniques in creating her pretty, stylish modern items. I have been in love for a long time, since first sight in fact, & whilst i have treated others to Sabine's wonderful designs i have yet to purchase for myself. But i have made myself a promise that once the lil dude arrives i no longer have an excuse for not getting myself one of her stunning creations (& we're working on something perfect for me).  Oh & she also sells vintage, jewelry & accessories. One day i swear i will have the chance to photograph her wonderful designs! 

For me the thing that stands out the most about Violet Bella is the simplicity that goes into the jewelry designs, & the natural feel. I've never been a big jewelry person but when i do wear it i like simple designs, nothing gaudy but something that makes a little bit of a statement. All this can be seen through out this gorgeous store belonging to Laura Mazurek & much much more. I first discovered Laura through her stunning photography which shows so much of who she is as an individual & now have fallen in love with everything else. Oh & not only is she incredible talented, & a beautiful person (you should read her blog if you don't believe me) but her husband has a gorgeous t-shirt store as well. I can just imagine this couple owning a little store somewhere filled with handmade pretty & love! 

I discovered Wren Willow at Christmas when i was hunting for presents for a friend ... & i it was more than a crush. I will be the first to admit i like t-shirts of all kinds. I (as stated above) am a jeans & tee kinda girl & this is my kind of store. There are shirts of every kind, colour & size ... with a wonderful variety of images. & here again we're blessed with an owner (are you seeing a theme here) only happy to accommodate your needs & custom design the perfect item. Really i love when someone wants to work with you & make you the happiest girl alive! Marla screen prints all her own tees, ships speedy fast & has great customer service as well as being incredible friendly & helpful (yes i know i can't emphasis this enough). I am particularly in love with her roller skate designs & of course who can resist a tee with a camera printed on! 


  1. thank you sweets! im so happy that you love my work, especially for not even being a jewelry lover, that says alot! im happy we found each other in this online world.


  2. oh - thank you!

    Congrats on the upcoming baby! How exciting. I totally know what you mean about being pregnant forcing you outside of your comfort zone of clothing styles. :)



  3. yay for expanding, everyone should feel beautiful :) oh & love the shop suggestions…

  4. merci for such a lovely feature and all your wonderful words . they mean a lot to me !! I alos love the idea of stepping out your clothes style comfort zone, it is like re-inventing your own style !!
    I have been actually working hard on our project lately . did not come up with something as I want so far ..
    and YES YES I so wish we could share a photoshoot !
    actually I have seen you still have two slots available for your BOUDOIR session ...I wish I live closer, you would have me there ;)