Friday, September 3, 2010

cassis ...

so i am totally behind on my blogs ... i mean there i was 6 weeks ago sunning myself in the south France & only now am i getting round to sharing more photos with you. & the town in question we all fell in love with. Cassis is a stunning little town just outside of Marselles on the south coast. Yes it was a little touristy but oh so worth it. We went there for the first time on Cassie's birthday (go figure she chose the place with the name similar to her own) ... anyways we fell head over heels. 

So i'm not sure where to start but we can with the beach ... i hate the beach. Ok let me clarify i like the beach to look at, & of course it's perfect for taking pictures ... i hate sand. it gets everywhere & wasting away the day lying on it is not my idea of fun. So whilst my two travel buddies got some sun i took a whole lot of pictures & in the days that followed & our returning visits explored the town. 

The town itself centers around the harbor ... full of restaurants & some wonderful little stores where i spent a whole lot of money. 

& where there's a harbor ... there are boats ... & we all know how much i love the little things in life ... 

From the harbor are winding streets & alleys where i was able to get throughly lost & enjoy the wonderful bright colours, & gorgeous french architecture. I also got to witness "french passion" at it's best as two men fought in the streets whilst being chased by of course a women!

& off the coast of Cassis we were able to take a boat trip to the Calanques a stunning range of cliffs leading skyward from the water, full of natural harbors & inlets. & perfect it would seem for a day spent sun bathing. We actually tried to find some to hang out on but everywhere was so busy ... although possible choosing Bastille Day (France's version of independence day & their biggest holiday) may not have been the best option here. But never-the-less they were amazing. Nature really never fails me!

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  1. that day spent there sounds amazing! though i'm just like you, i think the beach is beautiful but i hate the sand.

    sand + sun + sweat + wind ≠ one of my favorite things!

    gorgeous pictures!