Tuesday, September 7, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Saline, Michigan, USA

So far we visited West Warwick, Rhode Island & Edinburgh, Indiana ... & now we're heading to Saline, Michigan to check out the wonderful work of Elle Moss. Now i've talked about the work of Elle Moss before (i adore her photography) but since she has more than one shop this time i'm going to highlight some of the work i don't see as often as i would like. 

Elle Moss is full of self portraits, styalized, contemporary images that leave you asking a hundred & one questions ... Alice B Gardens is packed with whimsical pretty & vintage inspired artwork that i would love to adorn my walls with. Full of pastel colours, pale hues & wonderful quaint subject matters, there's something about her images that remind me of being back in England. 

Again there's a timeless quality to her work, you could imagine her pictures were taken last week, last year of 50 years ago. & she moves between her subject matters effortlessly, from the front porch above to the gorgeous coastline below. All of which have a peaceful quality, like stepping back into a childhood memory. 

& the simplicity with which she sees the world captivates me ... from a lone vase looking out over the ocean ...

... to the springtime blossoms ... 

... & who can resist some cupcakes (not me)!

All the images in this post can be purchased on etsy. You can also see more of the work of Elle Moss in her other etsy shops, Elle Moss & Bird & Bloke, on her blog & of course flickr. Oh & she has created some fabulous actions which can be purchased online (i'm in love with these). 

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  1. I love these posts! And you do them so well and interesting :)
    (do me, do me)