Tuesday, September 14, 2010

around the world with fPOE ... this week it's Los Angeles, California, USA

From West Warwick, Rhode Island to Edinburgh, Indiana & then on to Saline, Michigan this week we're heading out west to one of my favourite places, California. More specifically Los Angeles, a city i have seen from the skies & as i drive out from the airport. But having spent the past how ever long checking out the various shops of Myan I am in love. I want to see Los Angeles & I'm totally not a city girl. 

I hate being in the city, it's dirty & noisy & full of people but as i look at Myan's work i fall in love with the beauty she seems to find in the things i generally hate. She's turned what to me is a concrete jungle into a romantic haven. I want to visit this city, to see it through her eyes. I want to experience the calm she finds in the chaos. 

She uses wonderful soft tones to capture what i would really consider to be the city of dreams through Myan's eyes ... 

& as she moves away from the urban sprawl she still manages to find the peace & calm of california that i love ... 

I love seeing passion through the eyes of another. 

As always all the images in this post can be viewed in one of Myan's stunning etsy stores: ZUPPAARTISTA &   sixth & main: los angeles, & you can also check out more of her stunning photography on flickr & last but not least her website


  1. What a great post, and congratulations on your post over on Gathering Spriggs too.