Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my weekend ... part one

So this past weekend me & the hubby had the opportunity to escape from it all for a few days ... & of course the camera came along! We were heading down to Salzburg, a city in Austria about 5 hours south east of where we live, right on the border. Part one ... (that would be this part) is the journey down there & day one of our 3 day trip *trust me you will see a pattern emerge).

We left out home to grey & snow at some silly hour of Friday morning ... & didn't forget a thing. We were about 45 minutes late leaving but i hold the hubby responsible for that (nothing to do with my inability to get out of bed).

The journey down was uneventful ... we survived without permanent injury to each other & only one "photographic" break as i bugged the hubby until he would pull over & let me photograph the wonderful frost on the trees. It was gorgeous but sadly a German toilet stop is not the place to be wondering around with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Plus it was all kinds of snow & i had no gloves. But the stop was worth it (well i think so).

From here we headed down to Konigsee, the highest lake in Germany & somewhere i have been wanting to visit ever since i saw some friends photos. Here we found a whole lot more cold, not a whole lot was open & the mist rising over the mountains ... but i persevered & managed to knock out a few more photos (acceptable i would say ... hehehe) & we made plans to head back in the spring/summer time when the weather is a little more compliant!

& from here it was on to Salzburg ... stay tuned for part deux (that's two for french in case you wondered) which i plan on writing tomorrow so lets assume it will appear Thursday!


  1. Oh, I'd love to go there someday. Beautiful pictures. Definitely worth the stop. I'm in love with your blog and can't wait to see what you post next.