Sunday, January 10, 2010

fabulous find ...

So there i am looking at the etsy front page & i come across an interview with the wonderful interview with Jayne of Like Kittysville Mod Beds. I laughed, why because she's funny ... no seriously funny. & honest & i like honest. & well maybe with a little of the crazy cat lady inside of her, kind of like i would be if well Kevin didn't get in the way. (But there will be a day many years from now when i will live in my house, wearing only my wedding dress surrounded by cats & kids will make bets on who can knock on the door ... yes i strive to be the crazy cat lady).

So anyways Jayne makes beds ... but not just any kind of bed, gorgeous funky cat beds that i so want but know that my cats would never sleep in. Why because there's nothing wrong with this fabulous (yes i said fabulous) beds just that my cats are awkward pains in the behind & on the basis that i paid good money for these would have way more fun using them as scratching posts.
So anyways i felt the need to write about her wonderful little shop because simple I'm happy to find someone else out there who's possible a little obsessed with their cats like me!
Like Kittyville Mod Beds


  1. I too strive to one day be the crazy cat lady! Great post!

  2. those are cute, but I bet my cat would use it once or twice and then nada, just like all the other beds I've tried. :)