Thursday, January 21, 2010

my weekend ... part deux (that's two in french if you didn't catch part one)

So it's time for part deux ... on Thursday as predicted! Oh & it also happens to be day two (we'll skip over the night part of day one) & so after a highly expensive hotel breakfast we headed over the bridge to "ye old town" of Salzburg. Which is all kinds of pretty. Lots of little cobbled streets & funny shops not to mention some amazing architecture. On the downside it has that whole tourist thing going on which destroys some of the illusion that you create in your mind when visiting a city such as Salzburg.
Don't get me wrong the city is stunning but as with everywhere full of crowds you never get to appreciate it quite the way you would should you be getting the opportunity to explore it yourself.
We visited the museum of modern art (it came highly recommended ... we found it over priced & a waste of time except for the gorgeous view from the top) ... the castle ... & wandered around the city. & yes as you can see there were photos & some wonderful architecture & detail you don't find in newer cities.
Lunch was had at a typical Austrian/German style tavern ...
& followed by more of that wandering i talked about before. oh & i should probably bring up the whole Mozart thing since he is Salzburg's most famous export ...
So that pretty much sums up our dead ... no one died ... i got to visit a new country & the alps were definitely something else, if nothing they are worth a couple of hours of your time.
& here's where i say "stay tuned" for part three ... that is the drive home! now i know you're all kinds of excited & trying so hard to contain your excitement!


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend...So jealous we only get to go to Nebraska?????

  2. I just love how you have collaged these together!! awesome you give a neat prospective on your images!!
    You talented girl you!!!

  3. You are a nut! Great pictures!

  4. hahaha--I was rather disappointed by salzburg. In my mind, it was better than what it turned out to be. Probably watching the sound of music 50 million times while growing up? It was touristy and the food was way over-priced and not so tasty. We travel with our tummies, too--so that was a no go! ;) Though the mtns NEVER disappoint! And I was VERY happy in Berchtesgaden--just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

  5. these are all gorgeous! you've done a great job at capturing the beauty of a different place :)

  6. i love your photographs Laura, they take me away! Ive never been to Salzburg only Vienna, your snipets and gorgeous shot totally make me regret this:-(

  7. This brings back so many memories, and I might even have a picture of the same window up there!
    I have some pictures of Salzburg in my shop, but I need to post more. Love the ones you took too!

  8. I love the pictures of the door and the one next to it of the window (and cute little blue fire hydrant). That window looks so "old world". There is something under the window ... something like a towel rack ... do you happen to know what it is and how it's used? They make bars on a window look so lovely.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us! :)

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