Friday, October 16, 2009


So two wonderfully talented photographers named Andrea Despot (her blog is called "May I Take Your Picture" & definately worth checking out) & Pam Hardy (you can find her gorgeous blog at Always Artistic) have tagged me ... this means i'm supposed to share 10 honest things about myself & then "tag" 7 other blogs with this task. So hopefully you'll walk away from this with a whole host of new & completely unnessary information about me, some of which i'm sure you'd rather not know!

1. I have had 3 surgeries ... all of them in places you don't mention around polite company & have left me with some interesting scars including a perfect "H" below my pantie line & another no one gets to see!

2. I hate lettuce & strawberries ... & when i say hate i mean hate everything from the taste to the smell to their whole existence on this planet. In fact i would be quite happy if we killed every last one of them!

3. I am somewhat obcessed with my cats ... i don't have any kids so they're my substitute. I play with them, curl up on the couch with them & can watch them doing all kinds of retarded things for hours on end.

4. I love to read, & can easily read a book in a day. There's something about being lost in another world that really appeals to me so then it's not a big surprise that i believe in dreaming.

5. My husband is my world ... without him i would be lost. When he's gone it's not that i fall to pieces so much as become an unorganized mess, he's my grounding & the voice in my head (that i rarely listen too) telling me when i should be doing when i'm obviously not.

6. Top Gun is the greatest movie of all time & i dont care how many times my husband explains what is wrong with it will always be top of my list!

7. I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many pairs of panties, pajamas, t-shirts or tanks!

8. I believer in God & Jesus Christ but not mass worship. Having someone preach to me about what's right & wrong doesn't make me believe more, just makes me question my own faith. The world is changing & i believe God would change with it.

9. Songs are my memories ... of people, & places & times in my. Right now my favourite is "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock ... i bought his album just for the song. We heard it at a bar, my friends last night before he PCS'd so now it will forever remind me of Karen & Dan.

10. I love storms, i could watch them for hours & want to go storm chasing one day.

& now for the part where i have to tag 7 other people ... so here goes & have fun!

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  1. It's cool to find out these things about you :)
    3 surgeries??? oach! I don't understand how one can hate lettuce or strawberries, but you are a weird person... :P
    Top Gun??? Really???? Not Pretty woman... :P
    I am with you on no. 9 I too am very attached to songs and give them meanings and attachments to people, time, and events in my life!

  2. I can completely relate to number 4! Lots of interesting things to learn about you! By the way, thanks for being such a devoted reader of my blog. I think you're my number one reader :D

  3. You hate lettuce and strawberries? Weirdo! ;) Lettuce I can kind of understand as it's a bit boring, but such a dislike for strawberries baffles me. They're so yummy! An interesting list. I can certainly relate to loving books and cats. Would you believe that I've never seen the film Top Gun? I'm possibly the only person who hasn't...

    Thanks for the tag! Jessica (Rogers) tagged me with this one also. Unfortunately I've already done this tag a couple of months back. I think I have. Or one very much like it. I hopeless with tags at the best of times. Especially ones that require honest answers ;D

  4. This was wonderful Laura and so fabulous getting to know you better!!