Sunday, September 20, 2009

the story of a photo about love & marriage

Once upon a time in a far off land there lived a beautiful (well this is my fairy tale) photographer princess who liked to take photos of the things she'd see on her travels, random & unique, her images were bright & bold & colourful. But they were always "created" by someone else, mother nature, a shop keeper or home owner, she didn't explore or even understand conceptual photography ...

OK enough of the fairy tale ... my plan was originally to post this image with words from a poem or song but i decided the story behind me taking it was way more interesting. It just shows the weird & wonderful places we find our inspiration.

So there we were sitting in the beer tent at Bad Durkheim, the largest wine festival in the world (& yes were were in the beer tent ... go figure), & for some reason these moments are when i seem to end up messing around with my beloved macro lens. So anyways everyone's drinking except for yours truly the DD, & the token they had given me for my cola bottle (to get a euro back ... for those of your who don't know they're really big on recycling here in germ any) was a little wooden red heart. So I'm taking photos of that & then because i really wasn't paying attention to what they were saying wedding rings were coming off & well then the idea formed. Somewhere deep in the depths of my tiny little mind i built this photo (& another similar using my friends wedding rings) on a table in a beer tent.

I think photography like art doesn't have to be exactly as you see it, & this is what I'm learning about at the moment. Whilst i still go out & photograph things in their own environment so to speak, as someone else placed them I'm also learning to build images around an idea to create something equally as beautiful but in a different way. Call it artists interpretation if you like but we don't criticize painters or sculptors for doing it so then it's alright for me too.


  1. That is a great story and gives life to the photo....:)

  2. Cool! It is always amazing how the mind works and we come up with ideas!

  3. Hey lady, is this your submission for Vintage? Like Vintage Love?

  4. Nice work Laura! I like your idea of "building images around an idea".

  5. Very good write up, I totally got sucked in.

  6. Very well told! Awesome photograph Laura! :)