Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock N Roll Bride

A couple of months back in my search for engagement photos to help with Monqiue & James's shoot i was introduced to the blog Rock N Roll Bride ... & wow is all i can say. I have become hooked on the wonderful images that the fabulous pink haired gorgeousness that is Kat blogs about on a daily basis.

I had all kinds of preconceptions about portrait, engagement & most of all wedding photography, & i never wanted to fall into the that group. I'm no Annie Lebovitz but i wanted to be able to photography people & not fall into the posed cliche that i see every day. I wanted something different, images that people can return to day in & day & love well into their 80s. Photos that sum up who they are, in a way that's unique & interesting but honestly i didn't know how to go about this. But Kat's wonderful blog showed me the way (so to speak), showcasing the great wedding, engagement & portrait photography out there. Further she writes wonderful blogs about how to blog so us newbees out there can get it right.

Kat has given me a whole new insight into a world i would love to be a part of, & hopefully one day my images will grace her blog.


  1. Here's to one day being featured on "Rock & Roll Bride" ;)

  2. thanks so much for the lovely write up!

  3. You have got me hooked too- amazing photos! Thanks for sharing. I found your blog on

    Don't forget to share the love to other blogs- pimp them up!

    Quintessentially x