Friday, September 11, 2009

Christine Meintjes Photography

Yesterday i blogged about Rock N Roll Bride, a wonderful blog that has introduced me to some fabulous photographers, & opened my eyes to a whole new world so to speak. So here is my first blog about one of the incredible talented, friendly, down to earth & personable photographers i have been introduced to. Sorry did i mention her photos are stunning?
So here before your very eyes is the work of one Christine Meintjes ...
Christine is a wedding & portrait photographer, working out of Cape Town, South Africa, although saying she only photographs people would be a lie since she can produce stunning shots of anything she seems to put her mind to. But back on the subject ... She discovered her passion for photography whilst working as an assistant for a wedding photographer which led to her completing a BA in Visual Communication, specialising in graphic design & photographer. Now she has her own business producing stunning images that people will cherish for the rest of their lives.
From reading Christines blog you are able to get a sense of who she is, as a person & from talking to her (& trying to persuade her she needs to do a workshop over here in europe) i've found her to interesting, insightful & always willing to help those of us trying to find a foothold in what can be an incredible tough business. Infact she just had her first workshop which was naturally a success & i'd imagine there are many more to come!
Christine's blog isn't simple a showcase for a work but a tool that other photographers can use to learn from, as she provides all kind of valuable information such as a recently introduced question & answer suggestion giving real life insight into location issues, her particular style & of course the photography industry itself.
Everything about Christine's images sums up my recent change in opinion of portrait & wedding photography. Her use of colour is wonderful, being a fan of bold bright colour's, & high contrast, she doesn't shy away from these things but at the same time understands when a softer shade or black & white is more suited. Her style is more natural none of the posed images i've grown to hate & the detail within her work fantastic.
So now comes the part where i try & sum up Christine & her photography but really i can't, by looking at her images you know they are fantastic & through talking to her you immediately understand she isn't one of those photographers with her head up her own ass.

Christine can be contact through her website at


  1. She does great work!
    Nice post Laura :)

  2. She is such a talented photographer. Thank you for posting this wonderful feature.

  3. Wow they are stunning. I love the photo montage of the bride and groom. It is a feast for the eyes.