Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lorraine American Cemetery

Lorraine American Cemetery, located outside of St Avold, France is the largest American cemetery in Europe. Covering 113.5 acres, it currently contains the graves of 10,489 American soldiers who died in World War II.

Included are the bodies of 28 pairs of brothers, who lay side by side, 5 medal of honor recipients & 11 women.

The wall of missing holds the names of 444 soldiers whose remains were never recovered.

51 of the graves contain the bodies of soldiers who's name is known only to God.

4 soldiers lost their lives that same day, & since then at least another 13 have lost their lives. Where was the wall to wall media coverage for them?

So next time you shed a tear for the death of your favourite celebrity remember to say a pray for the soldiers who give up everything fighting for the rights of others to listen to Michael Jackson's music, & the loved ones they leave behind. 



  1. Thank you for the beautiful post and for reminding others about the sacrifices of a great many.

  2. Such a beautiful contribution to all of us who haven't been able to visually see the sacrifices of others. Thank you!

  3. Beautiful words and photos - very touching. I especially love the third photo.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! It made tears come to my eyes!