Thursday, July 16, 2009

I like bowls!!

Ok so my new blog is about bowls ... there is no reason behind this just that i happen to love bowls. Don't ask me why, it's just one of my "things", besides you can never have too many right?

"If life gives you a bowl of lemons go find an annoying guy with papercuts!"


  1. Great finds Laura! Love all those wonderful colors!!

  2. Great choices! You can certainly never have too many bowls. Thanks for putting my crocheted knick knack keeper in here.

  3. Thanks for including my bowls. I love all of your finds.

  4. I totally understand your love of bowls. I can't help but collect them. All different sizes, antique, as well as new. I use them for my jewelry supplies, rings, coins, etc...

    Love cinnamonsoup's bowl and it is from Hawaii!

  5. lol love the little quote there. ornery thing you! I love bowls too. I never tell anyone that, though. lol My mom loves containers. Wonder what this says about us?. Glad to meet you. Your photography is great.