Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th 2009

So yesterday was July 4th, a huge celebration where i live, but being as i'm British much of it is lost on me. I mean rumor has it the American's kicked our butts but since we never studied it in school it really can't be that important. So whilst it's not an "official" holiday for me, i understand what it's about & i the whole patriotic side isn't lost on me. I mean i hear someone singing "Land Of Hope & Glory" & all the hairs on my arms stand on end, so of course the exscuse to watch fireworks & have a day off work isn't one i pass up. Also it was the first day of my leave so i planned of making good use of the time & weather & taking as many photos as possible

So the day started early ... we're talking stupid o'clock early as a me & a few of my close friends headed off to a local flea market where i managed to only buy 4 cameras to add to my collection, photos of which i promise to post at a later date. After a post flea market nap i decided to head into "K-Town" & check out the Japanese Gardens. They are incredible pretty & peaceful, especially considering you're in the middle of a rather ugly industrial city. So here are a few photos from my trip there. 

After this is was heading to my friends for a bbq, which is always fun. Lots of food, some of my favourite people & i didn't have to clean up after. My friend's house is in this little German village, & the first time i visited i noticed the shutters on his neighbors windows. They are vintage, pealing wood, faded in colour & you can image how much i longed to photograph them, with yesterday being the perfect day.  I have to admit there is nothing about these shutters that i don't love, & having previously told another friend about them these shutters were what helped them find the house where we were going to be bbq'ing. 

& finally of course my night ended with a trip to base to see the fireworks. The show was awesome but firework photos aren't something that has ever appealed to me, so after a while i decided to get a little creative. The bold colours against the black sky, became way more interesting (to me) when i unfocused the camera, they just became circles of colour. So here's a more tradition photo & my abstract variation.

& i couldn't pass up the oportunity of getting a photo of my close friend & her youngest watching the fireworks together, this to me sums up what the celebration was about. 
I hope everyone else had a great day. 


  1. Looks like you had a nice full day!
    Happy 4th (Even if you're a Britt...)

  2. Great shots, Laura! The smiles on your friend and her daughter made ME smile :)
    Sue Knights

  3. Beautiful photos!!!!
    And I'm sure yourfriend is sothankful to have such a beautiful memory in a photo....what a great picture!