Wednesday, August 3, 2011

newborn photography & me ...

So with the impending arrival of Jacob i had this plan ... some newborn props, experiment in the studio ... well it hasn't happened. I mean it's not like i haven't taken a million & one photos of him because we all know i can't get enough of him. Every time i tried to photograph him sleeping, put him in one of those cute little poses you see everywhere he would wake up. When this boy is asleep he does not like to be moved. & over time he grew & i just carried on photographing him around the house, on a blanket, in the yard & on our bed & i've come to realize this is what i like. I have nothing against the props, i use them occasionally & i still have ideas for more stylised portraits of him as he grows but what i really love is the natural stuff. He doesn't need a funny hat or to be squished in a container, he can be awake or asleep because this is him at his most natural whether he's crying, yawning, or simply making faces at me. & it suits my photography, its what i'm good at, it's what i enjoy & what i want to continue. If you come to me for your newborn shots they're going to be natural, around the home, in the garden & in my mind a little more personal because of it. 

This is my son!


  1. I love this shot:) Sometimes I feel that too many props really take away from the point of the photo: the child!

    BTW, his eyes are just beautiful!