Friday, August 19, 2011

hair clips, wild flowers & adorable little girls!

So i am constantly being reminded that i don't share enough of my portrait work here on my blog so figured i'd share a few from yesterdays shoot. I was doing a little product work for a fellow military circle of friends member, Hold It!. The adorable heart clips & bands you see in these images are all hers! Anyways i borrowed a couple of my favourite clients, turns out today is Rylie's 4th birthday so it was perfect timing. Well we headed up to my most favourite location ever (times infinity plus one) for some pictures. The weather was perfect, gorgeous sun & a slight breeze that sent Rylie's hair all over the place.  & had so much fun amongst the wild flowers! I can't believe i only started using this location for my portraits this past month, i am positively kicking myself on this one because (& you probably don't realize) so much of my fine art is shot up here. Anyways hope you love them as much as i do & have a fabulous friday!