Thursday, February 10, 2011

etsy treasuries ...

So in recent weeks i have been talking with a whole host of wonderful ladies about how i can improve my business, both on etsy & my portraits. I feel like i need to make steps now with the lil dude due in you know a little over 8 weeks (way too soon but not soon enough i guess) & one of the suggestions made to me was to join a treasury team. Well honestly my reaction was no ... i have made a whole 1 treasury since joining etsy (yes i know this shocks you) but it just seemed like something i didn't have time for. Not that i don't love looking at everyone else's but putting stuff together like the wonderful treasury fairies out there do is something i have never felt myself good at, let alone applying to join a team. Well it seems to gods were siding with the treasury idea & really i don't feel i'm in a position to argue with the gods so when i woke up this morning to invite to join a treasury team i thought ok lets see how this works, can't hurt right? 

So i am now a member of the Treasury Friends Team & in "celebration" made my first treasury for the team ... & discovered so much pretty along the way! To view the actual treasury click on the link ... HERE ... & check out all the wonderful items available through the team members. 


  1. Welcome to your treasury team :) If it helps with business then I say go for it!

  2. And speaking of treasuries- I have seen your print on Etsy's front page yesterday!
    I am eager to say you are getting results instantly! Which is great!
    Take care:)

  3. Have fun with it! And congrats on yesterday's FP!