Saturday, June 26, 2010

leave part two: Duxford Imperial War Museum

So we headed up to Cambridge ... the M25 (otherwise known as the largest carpark in the world) was thankfully quiet, & then straight up the M11 to Cambridge. Well in the midst of our planning & good traffic we had reached Cambridge by 1000 & couldn't check into our hotel until 1200 so we decided to stop at Duxford Imperial War Museum.

Now i grew up a couple of villages over from Duxford, i have been there many a time & i can honestly say i love it. As far as museums go this one is full of all kinds of wonderful military related stuff, plus their exibits are incredible interesting & well thought out.

Duxford was one of the first Royal Air Force stations built during WWI, & after the war it became a training school. It was home to the elite fliers, the first Spitfires came here during the 30's & then when war broke out in 1939 pilots such as Douglas Bader. Missions were flown from Duxford all over continental Europe.

In 1943 it was handed over to the United States Air Force, becoming home to the Mustangs & Thunderbolts.

Duxford was decomissioned in 1965 & became home to the Imperial War Museum, including the East Anglian Regiment's museum, & the American Air Museum. There are exhibitions on airspace in general, the Battle of Britian, land warfare & even a 1940s operation room. You can even see original aircraft fly. Scenes from the movie "Memphis Belle" were shot here back in 1990.

Well as you can imagine i went a little nuts here ... so much to see, & of course so much history in everything. Whilst there are some replicas for illustration purpose the majority of the items on displace are original, down to the small stuff. Items going back all most a 100 years, survived a war zone & now of displace for us to see.

& midway round i found this gorgeous Jaguar, you know i couldn't resist!

The front ...

& the back ...!

Anyways back to the museum ...
Whilst obviously there are a lot of aircraft on displace, personally i found the various vehicles they had way more interesting. I think it's because it was easier to pick out the details, the small things that call out to me "take my picture ... take my picture" (ask any photographer ... you know what am talking about). The van above & below was used during the Battle of Britain, all the unique vintage details of it meant i could have been stood there all day taking photos.

But after 12 hours of travelling we were both in great need of some lunch & a shower so i will leave you with this photograph of my wonderful husband looking just all kinds of chipper, taken through a part of an Iraqi Supergun (& yes i had to ask said husband what this sub was).


  1. these are some awesome detail shots!

  2. Looks like a cool museum!! Nice shots!