Friday, June 25, 2010

leave part one: the ferry crossing ...

So we just got back off 9 wonderful fun filled days of "vacation" ... yes the magic word "vacation"! & of course the camera came along & we had all kinds of fun. So here's the beginning ...

We left our little home at 0000 Monday morning, heading from deepest darkest germany to the port of Dunkirk. I can't lie i slept a good deal of this journey because i had been up all day (9 mile run, followed by a photo shoot & then of course i had to pack ...) & so the first photo is taken from aboard the ferry right before we left the port. Now as you can see the port at Dunkirk is not the prettiest & my reasoning behind taking this was trying to get something for my Miss Match theme that week (it was power).

It may be hard to explain but i was loving the light. It was pretty misty & then as we came towards the harbor walls well a combination of the light & the linear industrial features got my attention ... the subject matter may not be perfect but i was loving the shapes.

& here's the harbor wall itself ... it just looked to pretty (can you call this pretty) for me to resist.

Now anyone from england who has ever crossed the channel to France & back can tell you something about the white cliffs of Dover. They are special, a never ending memory of home. On a clear day you can see them from France. Well it wasn't a clear day & having not been to England in 2 years they were a wonderful, heart warming sight. The cliffs face Continential Europe & made of chalk & black flint this ancient landscape has been seen as a symbolic guard against the world. There was a song written in WWII about the cliffs, sung by Vera Lynn "there'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of dover ... someday" was a reminder that one day there would be peace & for those returning from missions over the occupied countries it was home.

& as we pulled into the port again i couldn't resist the light & the lines ... it was fun to experiment & see how you can photograph a subject that any other day would appear ugly or boring & all of a sudden it becomes something that little bit more special.


  1. Laura, you've got some really nice photos here, as usual, and you are getting an education from your travels that most of us can only dream about. At my age that kind of dreams are gone, for the most part, but I'm happy for you and your family for being able to experience such wonderful views of Europe as you have, and to capture the moments the way that you have. You will have something to really look back on. Anyway, too much talk so, great photos and look forward to more.

  2. Wonderful shots! I hope you had a wonderful trip!!

  3. Great shots! Love the minimalistic feel and compo.

  4. these are definitely beautiful! i love the minimalistic feel, especially the 2nd and 3rd ones!

  5. How great that you got to go on vacation!! What a magical word indeed!!
    That second and third photos are beautiful Laura!! I can totally see why you couldn't resist the snaps :)