Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm no Pennie Smith but ...

Wednesday night, Kid Rock (amongst others) played for us here on base & pardon my french but he was f***ing awesome! So of course my camera went along & i had some fun experimenting ... not only was i half way back with a whole lot of tall people in front of me but the lighting sucked. Keeping in mind that my knowledge of using flash is severely limited i upped my ISO all the way to 3200 to compensate creating all kinds of grain.

Right now I'm having a wonderful time experimenting with my work & having all kinds of fun ... i hope you enjoy these as much as i do!


  1. Wow! The photos are fantastic; you really captured some great images!

  2. these look great! i love all the experimentation you did with post processing. i especially like the purple triptych, and the black and white diptych right above that one - those are really cool, where he's completely surrounded in blackness!

  3. Great photos darling. I'm not a fan of the guy, but I'd go if it were a free concert, and for the chance to shoot him live, hey that's awesome!

  4. wow fantastic - love the last one most of all! :D