Friday, December 18, 2009

anatomical detail ... & a give away!

So i was thinking in the shower (it's one of those place perfect for thinking ... like the car ... i have some of best ideas there), tonight after my run, about how sore my legs were. (There is a point to this story ...) & my legs aren't my "favourite" anatomical part but they are strong. They "pound the pavements" (excuse the cliche) on a regular basis, they've made it through a half marathon & keep me going through a busy bartending or serving shift. So i should be proud of them, they can run 5 miles without even hurting & that's something.

So then it got me thinking about all the parts of me (stay clean people) ... about how we spend our lives putting ourselves down, trying to be someone we're not, idolizing the photos of the rich & famous. & as a photographer, who sees beauty all around me it's ironic that i find it so hard to see in myself.

So I'm setting a challenge & having my first give away all in one ... the prize is your choice of any 10x8 or 8x8 fine art photograph from my shop but in return you need to leave a comment telling me the "good" things about you. & it must be good, positive & the funniest, most honest answer wins. I want you to put yourself out there & be proud of everything that you are ...!!

So here goes ...

I have boobs (yes i said boobs), a waist & hips ... i may not be the next Kate moss or Gucci girl but i would have rocked renaissance paintings.

I love yes i said love my eyes ... they are green (& apparently hazel sometimes ... if you'd believe my husband, we don't). I have to wear glasses because said eyes don't function terrible well ... but this 1. allows me to change up my appearance on a whim (such a wonderfully English word) & 2. when you wake up after "that night" & the world remains all fuzzy it's a wonderful relief.

My Mum blessed me with wonderful skin ... it is this skin that has people asking me if i still live at home with my parents, gives me rosy cheeks & even the occasional freckle. I'm that person who has the huge ass zit on their forehead that no one else sees but me!

& finally each & every scar on my body ... because whilst the story beside them may not be good they make up who i am now & i can't change that neither would i want to!

& now it' your turn to tell me about your best parts ... what makes you you, what you're proud of & aren't afraid to tell the world about ... & you have it till January 1st to do so! Leave it in a comment along with your email address so i can contact the winner.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!!


  1. I am most proud of my breasts...they are NOT anatomically correct, but they are as close as surgery will allow after a double mastectomy and cancer treatments. The scars on my body are my victory stripes and they tell a very important story.

  2. My lips are my favorite feature. They are shaped just right and I can put on lip liner and lipstick without a mirror and still look good.

  3. What a fun blog!

    I have always loved my shoulders, right down to every single mole and freckle. They are broad yet thin and feminine. They are the start to my super long slender arms - that everyone makes fun (to the point of asking if my knuckles hurt from dragging on the floor) but that I love the most. I may be short (barely 5'3"), I have the reach of at least someone 5'6" if not taller. I'm proud of my long arms and wide set shoulders.

  4. I love this challenge! I do not have time tonight, but will be back tomorrow to comment!

  5. I think my best physical characteristics are probably my eyes. They are greenish and somewhat cat-like. I have received compliments on my my lips(interestingly enough by women) and my breasts(no surprise by men...LOL) throughout my life but for me it was always my eyes. :) Of course, I am spreading all of this over a lot of years....LOL

  6. guys i'm loving hearing what you have to say ... it's wonderful! I have another ...

    My ears ... they have these pointy bits on them that as a kid i used to call my pixie ears. Apparently the name for them is Darwin's Tubercle, & it's a result of evolution ... from the day when "monkeys" (yes monkey's) had muscle's in their ears.

  7. this is such a great idea! and so inspiring!

    well, as much as i complain about how much i dislike my body and wish i was skinnier, etc., every now and then i can appreciate my body. i'm curvy: big boobs, hips, thighs, butt. but i'm beginning to really love and appreciate my curves.

    but what i'm most proud of is my smooth, pale skin. i've had lots of compliments about how my skin looks like "porcelain." i do break out every now and then, but i've found an acne medication that works so well that it is now very rare that i do. i'm also very proud to be pale. i don't tan at all, and when i do i wear so much sun block that i get no color in my face. many people wouldn't like this, but i believe that when i'm old i will look years younger while everyone else will be dry and wrinkly! i also have very dark brown hair, so i think my pale skin with my hair is a striking combination. i would definitely say this is my favorite thing about my body!


  8. I like my eyes best. They're big and the same colour as the sea, so they always remind me of holidays by the beach. Like Anne of Green Gables' eyes, they are "green in some lights and moods and grey in others", as well as blue, and unlike most of my appearance and personality I've inherited them from my Dad. They also have these very long, black Minnie Mouse eyelashes which curl at the ends, and that makes them stand out more. I feel very lucky because I can eat pretty much what I like without putting on weight, and stay out in the sun but get tanned instead of sunburned.


  9. Hmmm, very cool theme although rather uncomfortable, lol!

    So, I always wished my boobs were bigger but instead I had this thin athletic built, really more like a stick. But then I met D and started eating more, something I'd never done before. I finally gained wait beyond a 110 pounds - waaaay beyond for me. I've been up to the 130s which was pretty heavy for me but you know what? I have boobs now, woohoo! lol!

  10. OK, this is worth a giveaway so here you go:

    I have great hair, it does most things I tell it!
    I have some really great breasts!
    A wonderful smile, and I do it often.

    I am a good person, and full of sooooo much love!

  11. As I am having a really hard time with being 30 and feeling really sad about loosing my 20's looks, maybe this is a good thing for me to do. I am a petite, really short girl. This has always made me look younger than my age and when I turned 21, I was rejected from many bars- even with my ID in hand. Now I'm 30 & happy to say I'm still petite- even though I love to eat! I still look younger than my age, which I now love. Also, I have a booty that all the boys like. There, I said it!

  12. My ears are my fave feature. They're in perfect proportion to the rest of my head. Gotta be happy with that!

  13. legs... I have pretty great legs... and the best head of hair on the planet. It's been very good to me lol.

  14. My most favorite part is my nose. I've always been proud of how it's the one perfect feature within me, and I love it when people ask if "I've had it done"... Nope, it's all natural!! I also LOVE my weird shaped jaw, that kinda' bulges out. I used to hate it when I was a kid, and felt weird, but since my early teens I have come to love it, and instead of looking at it as imperfect, I see it as a perfect weirdness :)