Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lack of posting ...

So this is to say sorry for the lack of posts that have been going on recently ... it would seem i am currently unable to upload any photos onto my blog from my laptop which is a little frustrating to say the least. I can do it from my husband's computer though it just involves moving between the two. Seriously i have no clue why this is. 

So since i will be on leave from Saturday I've decided to take a few more weeks off & keep my fingers crossed that this blogger issue will sort itself out. & in the process i am putting together a whole bunch of posts so you will be overwhelmed when i return. Plus i plan on taking a whole lot of pretty pictures on vacation ... yay for pictures. 

So have a wonderful few weeks & i will be back soon! xx


  1. That sucks! I hope that photo issue will resolve itself soon! Have fun on vacation time :)

  2. seriously, i haven't heard from you in the blog world in so long! *fingers crossed*

  3. well i got it working ... it would seem my "start up disc" is full ... am trying to figure this out. oh joy of joys!

  4. Oh sheesh! Laura, I have no clue what that means- but backup, girl! :) Have a greeaaaat vacay! xo Mary

  5. So annoying!
    I look forward to your future posts when you get it all sorted out!

  6. This may be a little weird, but ok. I belong to the HCSC photography club, I clicked on through to your blog from there and your facebook profile and noticed you're a fellow Brit! I'm from Nottingham, married to my Chicagoan husband for nearly 4 years now.

    So just wanted to say hi, hope I get to meet you at one of the club get togethers!

    Also, hope you have a great vacation :)

  7. been wondering where you've been. miss you around the fPOE parts ;)